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For folks who think we got a great deal on our investment property, they have to balance that with the hassles we were put through. All in life is fair; there is a reason why these houses are sold cheap.

A short sale is like a tripartite dance between the buyer, the short seller, and the bank that holds the title, and that’s not counting the buyer’s mortgage lender. Any one of these can trip up the others, and the deal will fall through.

Here is the list of 10 troubles we went through:

1. The seller was willing to sell at $170,000, and he said the bank had pre-approved the price. Once we accepted the price, the bank (Bank of America) reneged. It would not release the title unless the price was $180,000. After a few weeks of negotiation, we split the difference – $175,000.

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Invest in a house

In December of last year, a real estate agent who is a close friend brought our attention to a townhouse in short sale. The townhouse is in the fastest growing neighborhood inMaryland. It is within walking distance of the town center and a short drive away from an interstate highway.

The seller bought the townhouse for $350k five years ago, and he was now asking only $170k.

I did a quick search on Zillow and found out that similar townhouses in that area are renting for about $1,700 per month. I did another search on the county planning board and found that a new hospital is being planned nearby. Then, I went with my wife to check out the place, and it was in relatively good condition. We decided to buy it on the spot.

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