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On Dec 17th, 2017, that’s one year and some days ago, BTC (bitcoins) punched through

the $20,000 level, peaking at $20,042.91. Only twenty days earlier BTC reached $10,000 and it was during this 20-day period that I got the most intense client pressures to get their money into BTC and other cryptocurrencies. I am glad I kept them away from it, since as of today, BTC is at $3700. That’s a loss of 81.5% in a year.

BTC is not a stock since it’s not even a real business. Here’s how some stocks that were red-hot a mere few months ago have been faring …

Apple, the perennial darling of the investment world, just lost nearly 40% from its peak after today’s close. That’s a whopping $460 billion loss. The loss itself is larger than the market capitalization of all but four publicly traded companies.

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