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Found this chart on … don’t know who to give credit to. Whoever drew this is brilliant.

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Harvard University Endowment significantly increased its holding of iShare S. Korea, iShare Taiwan and iPath India in second quarter of 2009.

Table: Top 10 holdings in Harvard University Endowment’s public portfolio

Rank Names 3/31/09 (x1000sh) 6/30/09 (x1000sh) Change
1 iShares E. Mkt 8276 9712 +1436
2 iShares Brazil 3170 3294 +124
3 iShares China 3162 4178 +1016
4 iShares S. Korea 1737 4349 +2612
5 iShares S. Africa 1222 1595 373
6 iShares Taiwan 0 6836 New
7 iPath India 446 1388 +942
8 iShares Mexico 1380 570 -810
9 Vanguard E. Mkt 2289 1758 -531
10 Market Vectors Russia 1762 882 -880
Drop China Mobile 376 459 +83
Drop Stoneleigh Partners 2626 0 Sold Out

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and this will happen.

What will happen to your money if you hire a salesman as your financial advisor

What will happen to your money if you hire a salesman as your financial advisor

employer-with-stable-value-fundIf you are a typical 401(k) participant, you have stuffed 32% of your retirement money in a stable value fund offered by your company’s retirement plan. Throughout this crisis, stable value funds have lived up to their billing as “money market funds with better yields” or “intermediate bond funds sans the volatility.”

But do you know what a stable value fund is? Not according to a recent survey. Close to 90% of retirement plan sponsors (employers) don’t know the difference between a stable value fund and a regular bond fund, let alone plan participants (employees).

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