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By the end of 2006, Small Cap Value stocks had completed a historical 7 year run of outperformance relative to Large Cap Growth stocks. According to Prof Kenneth French’s data library, during this 7 years, Large Cap Growth returned a total of -10.35% while Small Cap Value returned a total of 266%!

2007 however saw a drastic reversal. In the first 10 months alone, Large Cap Growth has outperformed Small Cap Value by a whopping 18%! If you are a Small Cap Value investor and you are nervous, you are not alone. How much longer and how much more will Small Cap Value uncerperform? To get a handle of these issues, it is helpful to get a historical perspective.

Based on the data on Fama/French benchmark portfolios in Prof. French’s data library, and by comparing the yearly performances of the Small Cap Value portfolio and the Large Cap Growth portfolio since 1960, I obtained the following results:

1. 75% of the years, Small Cap Value outperformed; 25% of the years, Large Cap Growth outperformed.

2. $1000 invested in Small Cap Value on 1/1/1960 would grow to $1.7mm on 12/31/2006! In comparison, $1000 invested in Large Cap Growth on 1/1/1960 would grow to only $66k.

3. There are 8 occurrences of Large Cap Growth outperformance. 3 lasted for one year, 3 lasted for two years and 2 lasted for 3 years.

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