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David Swensen in the press

Posted on: November 4, 2008

Don’t give up on financial innovation” by William Watson is more about Robert Shiller’s view. David Swensen did get a cusory mention.

The Economist has a piece “All bets are off” that is highly skeptical about David Swensen’s multiple asset class approach. It argues that all asset classes were driven (higher) by two factors: low interest rate and healthy global growth.

Princeton’s endowment, managed by David Swensen’s disciple Andrew Golden, earned 5.6% in 2008 (fiscal year ended in June). The performance was attributable to “non-marketable exposures and independent return managers.”

Yale Daily News: David Swensen got a raise. Now he makes $2 million dollar a year.

David Swensen derides securities lending as “make a little, make a little, make a little, lost a lot.”

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