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In the mind of an investor

Posted on: August 31, 2009

Found this chart on … don’t know who to give credit to. Whoever drew this is brilliant.

  1. Ah, the price is going up, let’s watch the market.
  2. The trend is holding – I’ll buy at the next consolidation.
  3. Damn! I missed the consolidation, but if I wait any longer, i won’t profit from the trend. Let’s BUY!
  4. Good thing I didn’t wait.
  5. I’ll use this correction to increase my position …
  6. Brilliant! At this price, let’s double it!
  7. Ouch, as soon as it goes back up, I am selling out.
  8. I don’t believe it! It’s down to 8 1/4. It’s hit its absolute bottom.
  9. OK, let’s wait for it to recover – otherwise it will have to be a really loooooog-term investment.
  10. What are the SEC doing about it?!?!?!?!?!
  11. Enough, I am selling out and staying out.
  12. Good thing I sold everything.
  13. It’s going to tank again.
  14. I told you so.
  15. You what???
  16. What the hell!???
  17. More crazies who are going to get taken to the desert!
  18. This is it! Knew it’s going to happen all along!
  19. Drat! I’ll buy again. It’s cheaper than last time anyway.

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