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Jim Cramer on Greek crisis

Posted on: May 20, 2010

Jim Cramer on Greek crisisOn April 15:

Bad news for the euro and Greece is good news for US. Get in at a better price than you should be able to, on the Dow 12,000 freeway

On April 26:

It because of Greece the market is going higher

On May 7:

Don’t buy any stocks until DOW 9000. The Dow’s decline was the natural result of Europe’s debt troubles and the riots in Greece. Investors should wait for the decline before they buy anything again

On May 10:

European debt contagion no longer a risk, his call to halt most stock buying until Dow 9,000 is off. That’s the new reality, Buy stocks now, the crisis is done, this is the real deal, just focus on how oversold stocks are right now

On May 12:

Pay reductions and job cuts for civil service employees will result in a jump-start in spending in the stronger European Union

On May 19:

If we don’t see total capitulation in Europe over the next two days, the US market’s going to go higher.

Does he know what he is talking about? Here is my view on Greece.

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