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Happy 2018! Unforgettable 2017!

Posted on: January 2, 2018

Here are my 2017 highlights:
  1. I published my first book “Physician Wealth Management Made Easy” and it got  off to a strong start. It was Amazon’s  #1 Hot Release in the Physician category for a month.
  2. I auditioned and was accepted into the cast of the DC production of the Broadway musical, Chess. I even got to sing five lines of solo in the opening scene, “The Story of Chess.”
  3. My business grew 33%. Now $100mm AUM is within reach. I was also recognized as one of Top 100 Influential Advisers by Investopedia on strength of my knowledge


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  4. I performed an improvised musical format called Spontaneous Broadway at San Francisco’s Bayfront Theater. I also performed an improvised musical solo at the Source Theater in DC.

  5. I produced an improv show for the DC chapter of Entrepreneur Organization, taking my first step towards bringing more laughter to the business world.
  6. I took my family to Iceland and submerged myself in the unforgettable Blue Lagoon in Spring. I took my family to Cancun in August and my sons loved playing with dolphins.
  7. My little one graduated from his daycare and became a Kindergartener.
  8. My story was selected and I performed in the Story District 20th Anniversary Show “I Did It For The Story.” My Sucker for Love story got podcasted on Hot Mic with Dan Savage.
  9. I gave a TED Talk-like speech at the CEG Elite Financial Advisor Roundtable. I even met Sandra Joseph, the longest playing female lead of Phantom of Opera.
  10. I produced two Hip Hop Improv shows for North Coast in Bethesda. One of them is a parody of the hit Broadway musical “Hamilton” called “Anybody.” The Storyfest Short Slam show I host every month is going strong. I am fulfilling my passion of bringing more laughter to my community.

By God’s grace, I have lived a simple and flourishing 2017! I’d love to hear you share your 2017 with me. Happy 2018!

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Michael Zhuang is principal of MZ Capital, a fee-only independent advisory firm based in Washington, DC.


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