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I Am In The News For This …

Posted on: January 16, 2018

Tara and Rance, From left to right, Rance Rizzutto and Tara DeFrancisco, both Comedians & Instructors from Chicago, Photo Credit Tara DeFrancisco.jpg

DC Metro Theater Arts, the largest performing arts publication in the Mid Atlantic region, just did an article about the upcoming improvised musical show I am producing in Bethesda. Tara and Rance, the two performers from Chicago, deservingly got the lion share of coverage, but the publication did say this about me:

Their upcoming show at Imagination Stage in Bethesda will be their first in that venue and in Maryland. This opportunity landed on their radar through Michael Zhuang, a resident of Bethesda, nicknamed “The Investment Scientist” for his founding of MZ Capital Management. Mr. Zhuang has traveled the world and spent countless hours researching, studying, and practicing his love of musical improv. In 2017, he began sponsoring up-and-coming talent from the improv-comedy meccas of New York City and Chicago to perform locally, with the goal to embed musical improv into the fabric of Bethesda’s growing arts and entertainment culture.

“My vision is to see Bethesda’s performing arts scene flourish,” said Zhuang.

Through his wealth management firm, he creates opportunities for emerging artists to showcase their talent to a broader audience and take a slice of Bethesda back with them to their cities. Tara and Rance is the second performance group from outside the DC metro area that he’s invited to perform locally. 

He sponsored the hip-hop improv group North Coast with a three-show run last year.

This is the kind of impact I want my firm to leave on my communities. Now, if you live in DC and its vicinity, get your tickets to the show before they run out.

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Michael Zhuang is principal of MZ Capital, a fee-only independent advisory firm based in Washington, DC.


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