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Health Is Wealth 4: Turbo Boost Your Immune System By …

Posted on: May 26, 2023

I must admit that I used to have a very weak immune system. Every year during flu season, I usually caught the flu twice. While others would get well within a week, my flu symptoms lasted for weeks. The worst part was the endless coughing, all day and night. Not only could I not get good sleep, I also coughed so much that my ribcage hurt. I couldn’t have imagined that I could cure all of that simply by taking cold showers.

I started doing that the year before the Pandemic. Throughout the subsequent two years, while Covid raged through the world, I had to travel frequently between Europe and America since my kids live in Germany. I saw my friends fall ill with Covid one by one, and then all my immediate family fell ill, not once but twice. All throughout that frightening time, I never got sick from Covid, or the cold, or the flu. I have to give the credit to cold showers.

In the past, when the temperature was a bit cold or I was walking in the rain, or there was a gust of cold wind, my body would feel weak, quickly followed by an itchy throat. Before long, more severe cold symptoms presented themselves. Now I take cold showers throughout the year, including the winter. The result of that is that I am totally impervious to the cold. Weather changes have barely any effect on me.

In the beginning, as with intermediate fasting, I took very small steps – like letting the cold water run for just ten seconds. At first, even those ten seconds of cold were excruciatingly uncomfortable, so much so that I would scream and hit my chest in the bathroom. Now I regularly take 10-minute showers using only cold water, and it is so comfortable that I can sing a song. 

Because of cold showers, I have not experienced any cold/flu/covid symptoms in the last three years. I highly recommend starting with ten seconds of cold water and progressively making it longer. I am a living testimony to its health benefits. Don’t take my word for it though. Go to Youtube and search “health benefits of cold showers,” you will be surprised at how many videos you find! 

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