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[Guest post by Tom Warburton] Last week a buddy walked into my office distressed over unemployment, the economic malaise, gold prices, the prospect of inflation, government debt, currency fluctuations, trade imbalance and future prospects for the stock market.  He basically covered the waterfront of issues we see on the front page of financial magazines and issues we hear talked about on CNBC.

When my buddy left my office (somewhat soothed – I believe – in the knowledge that his portfolio was positioned to achieve his financial goals without regard to the speculations of Jim Cramer), I found myself thinking about the many obstacles that humans have overcome and the unlikelihood that ‘conditions will last’.

In the words of John Allen Paulos, Professor of Mathematics at Temple University and versatile author with books on a wide range of philosophical topics:

“Uncertainty Is The Only Certainty There Is, And Knowing How To Live With Insecurity Is The Only Security”

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