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ImageI visited Dr. Chu who is a family doctor with a solo practice. He told me EHR is killing him.

He is in his 60s, very comfortable with pen and paper, but now Medicare requires him to record all patients’ records electronically, or he will have to pay a stiff penalty.

So now, in addition to seeing patients for eight hours, he has to spend three hours inputting health records.

I sat down with him and we toyed around with a few potential solutions.

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Be prepared for a tax cut sunset

(This is an article I submitted to Physicians Practice magazine, an edited version was published.)

With President Obama re-election, there is now no doubt that the Bush tax cuts will expire come January 1st, 2013.

Why is there a sunset clause in President Bush’s tax cuts?

In 2001 and 2003, Congress passed, and President Bush signed into law, significant tax reductions for nearly all taxpayers. These cuts included marginal rate reductions, the introduction of a new 10% tax bracket, an expansion of the child tax credit, and a variety of other provisions. Both bills were passed using a Senate procedure known as “reconciliation” – a tactic that lowers the threshold for cloture to a simple majority of senators (as opposed to a 60-vote supermajority).

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