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Retirement Nest EggI met with three prospective clients on my trip to Los Angeles last week. I did a quick financial review with each one of them and gathered some lessons learned as well.

Prospective client A is a physician in his late 60s. He has already reached retirement age but he needs to keep working since he has less than $1mm saved for his retirement.

All that money is in tax deferred accounts, meaning far less than $1mm is available for his retirement. This is NOT retirement security.

Client A is not an extravagant person, so why is he in such dire straits?

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Healthy Lifestyle

Longer life spans, rising medical costs, declining retiree medical coverage, and Medicare and Medicaid insolvency all add up to making health care costs a serious challenge for folks preparing for retirement.

According to Fidelity research, a couple retiring today at age 65 will need current savings of $200k to supplement Medicare and pay for out-of-pocket health care costs in retirement. In another five years time, the number could balloon to $275k. And that’s before we talk about long-term care.

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Guest author: Mike Piper

“Much rides on how you take your money out, not simply how much you have in.” –Lee Eisenberg in The Number

It’s true. Yet, for whatever reason, there’s much more written about strategies for accumulating assets than about strategies for intelligently spending down your assets.

Investors nearing retirement have a lot of questions, and so far they’ve gone more or less unanswered by mainstream financial media.

Asset Allocation in Retirement

During the accumulation stage, the goal when crafting a portfolio is simply to achieve the maximum return over the period in question without giving yourself a heart attack due to volatility.

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