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Top Wealth Management Google Ranking

Posted on: April 20, 2011

It’s April 20th 2011 today, my small independent fiduciary wealth management pratice ranked 16th by Google using keyword search “Wealth Management,” My practice is right in between Merrill Lynch and AllianceBernstein in the ranking. I don’t think I am in good company though, since the other two don’t abide by fiduciary standards.

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4 Responses to "Top Wealth Management Google Ranking"

Good ol’ Merrill. Has there been a single scuzzy incident in the markets that they haven’t been part of (along with Bank of America)? Some years back I was in a group talking to young Merrill brokers in Houston Texas who were in awe of one of their older brokers who they said was selling inverse floaters to the State of Louisiana pension fund. This broker according to their accounts was raking in millions selling a product the pension fund didn’t understand. They laughed and joked and high fived. It didn’t seem to bother them that the money invested had been earned by teachers, firefighters, police etc.
I walked away from that encounter and never did anymore business with Merrill. It didn’t surprise me to find them doing shady deals with Enron a few years down the road.
Michael, if you do another keyword search for “honest wealth management” you might be the only one that pops up 🙂

@DIY Investor,

I am truly flattered, I am sure not the only one. There are honest financial advisors who are formally Merrill brokers as well. Besides, it’s not just Merrill, all those big Wall Street banks/brokerages have the same culture.

Sadly, most investors have short memory. Did you see Merrill’s sleek new campaign? That involves very credible newsmen? I am sure they can repair their facade. I hope they also correct their actions though.


Not the best company in the world, but still great for you none the less.

@Bob, thx for the kind words. My goal for my practice is very modest: to serve my small number of clients ethically, so as to enable them to accomplish all that is important in life for them. My bigger goal is to disseminate my wealth management know-how as widely as possible, so that a great number of people can make smart financial decisions on their own without the help of a financial advisor.

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