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Maintaining Financial Wellness

Posted on: March 28, 2012

[By Tom Warburton] We view the primary component of ‘Maintaining Financial Wellness’ to be ‘Maintaining Access To Currency’. Think about this a bit. Wealth is really irrelevant if you don’t have currency!

Think about all of the companies that were Asset Rich, Cash Poor and ended up on the shores of Bankruptcy. Lack of currency sunk the ship.

Imagine that you owned $100,000,000 worth of land in the Brazilian Rain Forest – BUT – there were no buyers! Lack of currency is a huge impediment when it comes to paying the bills.

The above examples are real and far-fetched, yet, we offer them to illustrate the point that ‘Maintaining Financial Wellness’ starts with ‘Maintaining Access To Currency For An Extended Period Of Time’ – WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY – ‘Maintaining An Inventory Of Other Assets That Can Be Systematically Liquidated At Terms That Achieve The Investors Goals and Well Before “Currency” Assets Are Exhausted’!

In closing, if you would like to talk about Financial Wellness, please view us as A Resource. We are passionate about ‘Planning Toward Goal Achievement’ and would be pleased to meet and explore whether or not it makes sense for us to work together.

We encourage our clients to spend a purposeful amount of time in pursuit of fulfilling their personal goals, so, we’ll close with an observation from the Irish – yes we think of you Paddy O – writer, poet and philosopher, Oscar Wilde:

“No Man Is Rich Enough To Buy Back His Past”

Wishing you Financial Wellness and Balance In Your Life, we remain truly yours.

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