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Jim Ludwick’s Tweets for the Month

Posted on: May 1, 2015

For those who are hard core about learning personal finance, I have this to share with you – Jim Ludwick’s Tweets for the Month. Jim is a hourly fee-only financial planner I respect a lot. His tweets cover a wide range of issues …

  • Things people in the Finance business don’t want you to know from @awealthofcs:
  • Tax season is over but we’re still working for Uncle Sam say Dan Caplinger via @TheMotleyFool:
  • @Dull_Investing compiles list of 10 financial tips for kids from top experts and himself via @AARP:
  • @RickFerri argues that ETFs are not the total solution to passive investing in his latest blog:
  • @ElderLawExpert comments on new study offering encouragement about Alzheimer’s:
  • Things to think about before you help your kids buy a home via RT @Kiplinger:
  • Another @MarketWatch article on bonds in a rising rate enviornment:
  • EFC, Expected Family Contribution. Here’s a handy calculator for determining parental college $$:
  • @JimLudwick quoted by @CliffNerdWallet in article about talking to your parents regarding their retirement income:
  • Listen to my new episode Is 60/40 Still a Good Asset Allocation for Retirees? at #BlogTalkRadio7:15AM
  • My radio interview with @RickFerri at 10am Eastern, “Swim With Jim”:
  • A heartwarming story to read on tax day or soon thereafter. Cheats get their just rewards via @DailyBeast:
  • Can smartphone/computer apps change behavior when it comes to personal finance? It’s hard, Ben Steverman @Business:
  • States with lowest real estate taxes and vehicle fees. RT @MarketWatch:
  • Could this be the year active managers beat indexes? @ReformedBroker:
  • RT @MindfulnessDC: 13. #painstory Last year I changed my life/priorities w/financial help @JimLudwick on trip return. Sold car. Rented out …7:33AM
  • @JOphenshaw says use or lose those airline miles via @MarketWatch:
  • Why do people delay getting a will or living trust? Here’s some answers:
  • Listen to my new episode How Identity Theft Affects Your Credit at #BlogTalkRadio6:43AM
  • How identify theft affects credit score. Interview w/ Gerri Detweiler credit expert live at 9:30AM East or archived:
  • Why Paying for Advice Makes Sense, article by NYTimes’ @RonLieber tells us what’s going on:
  • YTD Stock Market report direct from @WCInvestor:
  • Money Mag. April 15, pg 59 quote from hourly fin. planner who says you might want to stay in your old 401k/403b or Fed TSP, no rollover6:47AM
  • Listen to my new episode Backdoor Roth IRA: A good deal or not? at #BlogTalkRadio6:43AM
  • Broadcasting live about backdoor IRAs with Jim Blankenship, EA, CFP, @blankenshipfp #GarrettMember,# blogtalkradio
  • On 4/26 I’m doing a cybersecurity webinar, but in advance you need to see Google’s two step verification for gmail:
  • Backdoor Roth IRAs. My radio interview with Jim Blankenship, @BlankenshipFP live this Wed. at 9:30am EDT, delayed:
  • Backdoor Roth IRAs. My radio interview with Jim Blankenship, CPA, live this Wednesday at 9:30am Eastern, or delayed:
  • Yahoo goes to on-demand passwords, but I’m sticking to two-step verification using LastPass. Story @GroovyPost:
  • New strategies to pay for long term care costs from @Morningstar via RT @MichaelKitces:

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