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Jim Ludwick’s Tweets for the Month

Posted on: October 2, 2015

For those who are hard core about learning personal finance, I have this to share with you – Jim Ludwick’s Tweets for the Month. Jim is a hourly fee-only financial planner I respect a lot. His tweets cover a wide range of issues…

  • Calculate your life insurance needs (capital analysis) on this website: #GarrettMJim Ludwickember @ASergunina @TheEdsonMiller8:09AM
  • Rating the rater: @Ritholtz writes about Morningstar’s 401k company options and how they could do better: @ASergunina3:39PM
  • NFL player makes millions, lives on $60,000 a year RT @MarketWatchPF: @ASergunina @TheEdsonMiller @LauraScharr4:47PM
  • Most popular tweet this year? Tennant screening guide for landlords from @YuriSergunin4:35PM
  • Equity Indexed Annuities or Fixed Index Annuities earn regulator alert: @ASergunina @TheEdsonMiller5:04AM
  • Phantom stock? Learn the basics from @ASergunina @TheEdsonMiller3:55AM
  • @AHetaFan I didn’t sign in, just entered the holdings. I live in the town at houses NSA. I know better, but thanks for reminder to others.3:23AM
  • Boston College’s ebook on Social Security retirement claiming strategies: @BlankenshipFP @ASergunina @TheEdsonMiller3:49PM
  • Check out inv. fees via Feex says @natalimorris in her latest blog: Fee-only advisors love this. #GarrettMember6:17AM
  • Giving frugal advice soon and remembered this article by @SimpleDollar for free things to do on weekends: @ASergunina6:03AM
  • Should a widow cancel two life ins. policies? My answer @nerdwallet: @ASergunina5:05AM
  • 10 painless tricks to save money everyday from @Dull_Investing: @ASergunina @TheEdsonMiller @BlankenshipFP4:40AM
  • Dangers of co-signing a student loan RT @consumerreports: @ASergunina @TheEdsonMiller3:32AM
  • Movie Alert: The Big Short trailer highlighted by @reformedbroker: @AS… @MichaelKitces3:25AM
  • Beware: Another pitch to avoid: 702 plan. Not a ret. plan says @NerdWallet: @ASergunina #GarrettMember5:30AM
  • Listen to my new episode Aging in Place: A concept we’ll explore with Elder Law Attorney Evan Farr at #BlogTalkRadio8:15AM
  • “Aging in Place” New strategies gaining more attention. Talking w/ Atty Evan Farr @ElderLawExpert: 11AM EDT7:21AM
  • College FAFSA rules change. Allows grandparents more flexibility. RT @Saving4College: @GarrettPlanning @ASergunina9:45AM
  • Six Habits that Can Land You Deep in Debt via @TheSimpleDollar: @ASergunina @TheEdsonMiller @adviceonly9:40AM
  • RT @SquaredAwayBC: File under “did not know this”: #Medicare has a program providing $4000 to low-income people for prescriptions: http://t…10:02AM
  • Volatility is opportunity and bonds rule the last 15 yrs says Allan Roth @Dull_Investing via
  • @johnsarbanes @senatorcardin @senatorbarb please close the retirement advice loophole; tell DOL to put employees first – Fiduciary advice5:13PM
  • Listen to my new episode Health Savings Accounts: Are They Getting Better? at #BlogTalkRadio8:15AM
  • Health Savings Accts: Getting better? “Swim with Jim” radio interview 11am EDTor achieved. guest Matt Irvine:
  • Health Savings Accts: Are they getting better? My interview with expert Matt Irvine today 11am Eastern or archived:
  • Typosquatting. A new term you need to know to safeguard your money and privacy via @Bankrate: @sergunina2:52PM
  • RT @MichaelKitces: Hey @reformedbroker, fun piece on cartoonists covering the market crash, but missed the best: htt…6:59AM
  • 5 things in your garage you can sell for serious money RT @money:
  • Understanding the basics of securities based loans RT @asergunina
  • How cartoonists covered the market market crash via @ReformedBroker: @aserguniana @michaelkitces6:52AM


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