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Happy New Year! And My 2016 Highlights

Posted on: January 3, 2017

  1. I went to San Francisco to study improvised musical theater and performed at the Bay Front Theater for a 45 minute set of musical story entirely improvised on stage.
  2. Against all odds, I kept Storyfest Short Slam, a short storytelling contest, alive and strong at the Bethesda Writer’s Center.
  3. I visited my English teacher whom I had lost touch with for 30 years. I couldn’t have accomplished this much in the US without him. I went to say thank you to him personally. I went to Guangzhou for my high school reunion and took pictures with my female classmates for the first time. (Back then we didn’t hang out with the opposite sex.) 15799956_10155140529451756_2819946018475977457_o
  4. At Leadership Montgomery homecoming, I acted out Michael Jackson.
  5. One of my stories was selected as the best story by Story District and I performed it again at Top Shelf, an annual show of best stories in DC. Later my piece was accepted into Amazon Comedy Channel.
  6. I had great times doing musical improv with Wonderland for the first half of the year.
  7. My business was going strong. I delegated more responsibilities to my assistant Taro who just passed his series 65. This is not only good for his career growth but also liberates me to focus on the most important.
  8. I started writing a book on physician wealth management. In fact, I’ve already produced a white paper on the subject matter.
  9. I spent more time with my kids and we had tons of fun. In particular, I opened accounts for them and taught them how to invest; I bought a small robot and taught them how to program it ; we played improv games almost every day; also I took my family to the Great Wall for the first time. I don’t want my kids to be obedient, I want them to be creative, comfortable with money and technology, and have great memories of their childhood.

What are your highlights? Feel free to share with me.

May you have a great 2017! Here are a few of my suggestions that work for me:

  • Step out of your comfort zone for personal growth;
  • Try something that truly thrills you;
  • Spend more time with your family;
  • Reconnect with your old pals;
  • Go thank those who have helped you in the past;
  • Focus on what bring home the big check in your work.

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