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Stocks Are 7.5% More Expensive Than Last Month: Happy Now?

Posted on: August 2, 2022

What a difference a month can make! At the end of June, the stock market gave us discounts of between 20% to 30% (depending on indexes.) That made the first half of 2022 the worst six months of the stock market since 1970. Many investors were panicky! I, on the other hand, called it a good opportunity to acquire assets on the cheap. 

What a difference one month can make! All through July, the market went up and up despite much bad news like we are now technically in a recession. Now that the month is over, stocks are between 7.5% to 10% more expensive (depending on indexes.) Happy now?

I think what has happened just proved my point. The price of stocks at any given point in time means very little. We should instead focus on our end goal, which is to gather as many productive assets as possible through the market’s ups and downs. When you retire, it’s the number (amount) of assets you own that will count, not the prices at the end of June or July. Keep that in mind, and you are already a better investor. 

With so much uncertainty surrounding the economy and geopolitics, it would not surprise me if we were to get deeper discounts down the road. When that happens, don’t panic.  Instead, look at it as yet another opportunity to acquire more assets on the cheap. 

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