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[Adapted from Brian Harris of Dimensional Fund Advisors] As government spending hits record levels (see chart below) around the globe, some politicians, economists, and pundits are warning that rising indebtedness may drag down economies and financial markets. If you are concerned, you are not alone. I heard that over and over from my clients.Chart of Government Debt Relative to GDP 

So how does public debt affect economic growth and market returns? The evidence might surprise you. Let’s explore these issues by addressing a few popular questions about sovereign debt:

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During the last quarter of 2008, the Harvard University Endowment quietly overhauled its public equity investment portfolio. By the end of the overhaul, the top 10 positions in the portfolio looked like this:

Chart credit: Paul Kedrosky

Most strikingly, seven out of the top 10 are emerging-market exchange trading funds (ETFs), with emerging-market index fund EEM and China index fund FXI the largest and second largest holdings, respectively. Year to date, EEM is up 24.55%, and FXI is up 20.85%. Comparatively, the S&P 500 is flat.

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In his book Unconventional Success: A Fundamental Approach to Personal Investment, Swensen recommends the following allocations, for individual investors who want a “well-diversified, equity-oriented portfolio”:

30% Domestic stock funds

20% Real estate investment trusts

15% U.S. Treasury bonds

15% U.S. Treasury inflation-protected securities

15% Foreign developed-market stock funds

5% Emerging-market stock funds

In an interview with Yale magazine, Swensen said, economic conditions might call for a modest revision. He now recommends that investors have 15 percent of their assets in real estate investment trusts, and raise their investment in emerging-market stock funds to 10 percent.

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